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July 22, 2005

"Towards Visibility of Women with Disabilities in the UN Convention",
a draft of a paper written by Dr. Sigrid Arnade and Sabine Häfner
(available in English only), is among the new postings to DPI's
website this week. DPI's Vice-President for Human Rights, Dinah
Radtke, passed this paper on to me for inclusion on our website. As
Chair of our Women's Committee, Dinah feels that this paper is an
important resource for DPI as we continue our participation in the
elaboration of a UN Convention on the rights of people with
disabilities, because women and girls represent at least half of all
people with disabilities. As you are preparing for the upcoming
session of the Ad Hoc Committee in New York, which will take place
from August 1 - 12, 2005, consider the issues brought up by this new
paper that concern the inclusion of women with disabilities in the

Dr. Sigrid Arnade and Dinah Radtke will be presenting the paper
mentioned above at DPI's side event during the Ad Hoc Committee
meetings. Their presentation will take place on August 2nd from 1 -
3pm at 777 United Nations Plaza, in the Plaza Room on the 2nd floor.
If you're going to be in New York for the session, attend this
important DPI event to discuss women's issues in relation to the

For our French-speaking subscribers, this week we have two new items
on our website. The latest issue of Mental Health Europe's newsletter
(also available in English) has been added to our Publications
section. Ousmane Thiendella Fall recently sent me an article about
people with disabilities at the University of Dakar, and it is now
available in the Articles section of our French website.

Microinformativo La Voz, a publication from Latin America, recently
sent me a new issue for July 2005. To go along with the new issue, I
have completed transferring all previous issues from our old website
to the new site. The latest issue includes an essay by Manuel David
Orrio called "Cuba: retos discapacitados".

We are always looking for more articles in French and Spanish to add
to our site, so please feel free to send items to me at
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Today you will find the following new postings on the DPI website:


1. A film festival with a difference (India):

2. Wheel Power - More disabled-friendly parking bays, by Anthony
Thanasayan (July 14, 2005):


1. UNESCO's Universal Draft Declaration on Bioethics and Human


1. eAccessibility conference - London, UK, October 21, 2005:

2. 22nd Annual Pacific Rim Conference - Waikiki, USA, March 13 - 15,

3. Disability: A Global Perspective on Rights to Education and
Livelihoods - Bangkok, Thailand, October 17 - 18, 2005:

4. 2nd International OSSATE Workshop - Athens, Greece, September 8 -
9, 2005:


1. System to aid the blind nominated for Descartes Prize:

2. Huge costs for parents of disabled children: U.K. Study:

3. National Policy for Persons with Disabilities to be announced
soon: Meira Kumar (India):

4. New strands of polio virus found in India and Indonesia:

5. South Zone Partners commit to strengthen National Disability


1. eSight Members Give Employers Tips About How to Avoid


1. Mental Health Europe Newsletter No. 6/2005, June 2005 (MS Word):


1. Somaliland National Disability Forum - Activities Report of
National Celebration activities to mark the International Disability
Day, 3rd December 2004 (MS Word):


1. Towards Visibility of Women with Disabilities in the UN Convention

2. Issues of Gender in the context of the Movement of Persons with
Disability, by Rita Barbuto (DPI-Europe RDO):


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