Thought you may be interested in this new shibboleth implementation from the
Bodington team. 


If anybody if thinking of 'shibbing' any services then please investigate
using Guan Xi - it is already in use on a shared course run by the Worldwide
Universities Network (Leeds, Manchester, Southampton and Penn State). 


Apologies if you receive it twice (or thrice).


Adam Marshall



Guanxi is a Java application which supports federated authentication and
authorization services [AAS]. It includes OS implementations of the SAML
specification and the Shibboleth extended profile specification for the IdP,
as well as other functions which support Shibboleth in applications which
require local accounts to function. Guanxi has been funded as part of the
JISC Core Middleware Programme. Guanxi has extended the Bodington VLE to
enable Shibboleth IdP functionality out of the box with Bodington.

This release, 1.2.0, is a significant upgrade and stable and includes new
features in all three Guanxi components, including the IdP, the WAYF and
Common. Also included in the update are gx_lib, a package of supporting
libs, and SAMUEL.

SAMUEL stands for [SAM]l [U]sed in [EL]earning and is a partial
implementation of the OASIS SAML 1.1 specification. 
It's a standalone module, developed as part of the Guanxi project and is
used to SAML enable applications. It's 
self contained in that is also includes XML utilities. 

More information on some of the related items can be found at the following
urls: <> (includes a complete changelog)




You can contact the developers and many implementors through the
[log in to unmask] mailing list. 


Sean Mehan

Guanxi Project Manager




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