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while waiting for Phyllis to come through with the definitive photos, here are
a few to wet our whistles on, from the "Memoires" db, taken by the
indefatigable Lefèvre-Pontalis :
(enlarge the image to full size)

six wings instead of the four which someone said there were (ahhh.... Fickle
Memoire indeed), and it looks like there's a bit more animation than OldTimers
would suggest.

otOh, the figure style of the tympanum is definitely less dynamic than that
found on the lintel, the extention of its frieze onto the wall (a *very*
unusual feature, a perhaps unique example in this region)

and the jambs of the portal

there seems to be quite a lot going on here, stylistically.

the place is in the Charollais, which is, stylistically speaking, a kind of
special sub-set of Burgundy proper.

and i *believe* that it was a priory, not of Cluny, but of Fleury.

the style(s) seem to me to be quite "Burgundian/Cluniac", however, and it is
not unexpected that regional stylistic inclinations would trump those
emanating from the Mother House, provided that the region already possessed an
established tradition, which is certainly the case here. 



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