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>> which [Perrecy-les-Forges] has *the* most curious angels i've ever seen on
its tympanum


good ole comes through again:

> Most curious, indeed.  

those *huge* wings, as nearly as large as the bodies themselves, four of them
(itself unusual, at least in sculpture), and very heavily draped, without much
articulation in the folds, and relatively static figures.

it's as though one of the Saraphim from a Byzantine squinch mosaic --the sort
with only a head and feet showing-- had opened up his/its wings, revealing a
body beneath, but a body which neither looked nor acted like a body.

these are not your Normal angels, at least by the standards of Romanesque

for some perverse reason, they have always made me think of the giant
"Overlords" whom Arthur C. Clarke wrote about in the '50s in his nice novel
"City at the World's End".

it's been *way* too long since i looked at this place, and i don't recall the
drapery style of the other figures, but suspect that they are rather "normal"
manifestations of the "Cluniac" Stylistic Sequence of the first quarter of the
12th century, visible on a good baker's score of other portals and capitals in
Burgundy, characterised by a kind of repetative "plate" drapery, gently
animated but not yet as fully "dynamic" as it will eventually become by the
time of Gislebertus of Autun, much less that of the Vezelay master.

>We need more photos of this tympanum.

yes, "we" do.

i think that Phyllis should take a break from Hacking Hagiography and surf the
net and find us some.

otOh, if it were an Italian site JD would surely hunt up a bunch of them for


"What about the older ones [Indians] ?"

"Well, we can't seem to cure them of the idea that our Everyday Life is only
an Illusion, behind which is the Reality of Dreams" 

--Werner Herzog's "Fitzcarraldo"

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