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> For medieval art lovers, and those addicted to art-roman, 

there is also

a larger site, partly because the owner/photographer has a very
"comprehensive" view of what "romanes" might mean.

some of the many, many monuments on the site are quite extensively
represented, while others are not.

alas, St. Savin is one of the latter, so far

through a mutual (virtual) friend who is also a French photographer i have
been corresponding with this fellow, giving him a bit of feedback on what an
art historian looks for --or hopes for-- in such photographs.

>I've had it on the very best authority that the wonderful little church, the
former abbatiale of Saints Peter and Benedict, at Perrecy-les-Forges
(Burgundy) will soon be available. (At my request, blushing as I say so...)
I'll let the list know when.

please do so.

it looks like the fellow has yet to get to Perrecy.

which has *the* most curious angels i've ever seen on its tympanum

that photo, btw, is from the site hosting a small fraction --so far-- of the
massive collection of the Conway Photographic Library of the Courtauld
Institute of Art (London U.)

it is still growing, and has a ways to go.

another, much more massive --but also much more difficult to use--
photographic resource on the web is the "Memoire bases de données" of the
French Ministre de Kulture

the interface is extremely clunky, difficult and frustrating to use, and i
estimate that 10-20% [!!] of the captions are just plain *wrong* --overall it
strikes me as a site which was planned by Geniuses and executed by Morons.

but the quality of those older photographs really is frequently just superb
and well worth the trouble of finding them.

for example, these unsupassed shots of the interior of the magnificent church
of St. Mary's of Etampes were taken by the great architectural historian
Lefevre-Pontalis, around the beginning of the last century :

and by one of his near-contemporaries

compare them with the quite adequate --but clearly inferior-- efforts of the
owner of the site

there's more to good photography than just pointing and shooting.

> And you're welcome.

don't mention it, MG.

any time.


"What about the older ones [Indians] ?"

"Well, we can't seem to cure them of the idea that our Everyday Life is only
an Illusion, behind which is the Reality of Dreams" 

--Werner Herzog's "Fitzcarraldo"

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