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At 8:34 PM -0800 4/1/05, Phyllis Jestice wrote:
>Today (1. April) is the feast day of:
>Hugh of Grenoble (d. 1132)  Hugh was a canon at Valence cathedral
>before being elected bishop of Grenoble.  He thoroughly reformed his
>diocese, restored clerical discipline, etc.  Or at least he tried to.
>He was so frustrated by his lack of success that he ran away and
>became a monk at Chaise-Dieu.  Gregory VII ordered him back to his
>see.  He kept trying to resign, but was refused each time.  Hugh is
>perhaps most famous as the first sponsor of the Carthusian order; he
>welcomed St. Bruno and gave them the land on which the Grande
>Chartreuse was built.  H. was canonized two years after his death.

Another saint who has left interesting textile relics. La Valsainte
preserves an alb, stole, maniple and amice said to have belonged to
St. Hugo, and they do seem to be in appropriately 12th-century style,
although the labels attributing them to the saint are in a
15th-century hand. All are in excellent condition, with just a few
snippets missing that may have been taken as relics for distribution.

None of them look terribly exciting unless you're a textiles geek --
the stole and maniple are pale beige silk (in an interesting
pattern-weave) and the alb and amice are plain white linen (with some
very interesting white needlework on the alb).

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