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Amator (d. 418)  Amator's vita, which was written about 1-1/2
centuries after his death and is regarded as unreliable, tells that
A. was the son of an influential Auxerre family.  He was betrothed
against his will, but at his wedding the celebrating bishop
"accidentally" (doubtless nudged by the Holy Spirit) read the rite
for ordination of a deacon instead of the wedding rite (?query: I
didn't know there *was* a wedding rite this early).  A. convinced his
fiancee to give up the marriage idea---she became a nun; he became a
priest and later bishop of Auxerre.  A. was a zealous missionary,
church-builder, and miracle worker.

Brioc (d. c. 510) Brioc (Brieuc) was from Britain, educated at
Auxerre after which he returned to Britain.  There he worked
miracles, converted his parents, and eventually gathered 168 (!)
disciples and headed off to Brittany.  He is credited with founding a
monastery near Treguier and the monastery later named Saint-Brieuc.

Sigismund of Burgundy (d. 524)  Sigismund was the son of the Arian
Vandal ruler of Burgundy Gundebald. S. converted to the right brand
of Christianity, but remained a bit too vandalous for ecclesiastical
tastes---one day in a fit of rage he had his own son strangled.
Afterwards, S. was sorry and did a lot of penance, including many
gifts to churches.  After being defeated in battle by the Franks, S.
escaped and went to be a hermit, but was found and executed.

Marculf (d. c. 558)  Marculf (Marcoul) was born at Bayeux.  He did
missionary work at Coutances, then became a hermit.  He and his many
disciples ended up founding the monastery of Nanteuil.

Theodard of Narbonne (d. 893)  As a young lawyer Theodard caught the
attention of Archbishop Sigebold of Narbonne.  He became archdeacon,
and succeeded Sigebold as archbishop.  T. did a great deal of
restoration after Muslim raids and sold church treasure and gave up
his own income to relieve a famine.

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