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Today (23. April) is the feast day of:

Felix, Fortunatus, and Achilleus (d. c. 212)  Felix was a priest,
sent to Valence in Gaul to preach.  He and his two companions were
martyred after a successful missionary campaign.

George (d. c. 303?)  Patron saint of England, Portugal, Germany,
Aragon, Genoa, and Venice,and also one of the 14 Holy Helpers,
George's history is almost completely unknown.  He was martyred at
Lydda (Palestine) and may have been a soldier.  G's legend started to
grow in the sixth century; and by the twelfth century he had become a
dragon-slayer.  According to the Golden Legend version, G. was a
Christian knight who came to the aid of Sylene (Libya), which was
being terrorized by a dragon.  To appease the beast, the citizens
staked out his dinner for him; when G. turned up this was a princess.
G. defeated the dragon, the princess led it back to town on a leash,
and then G. said he's kill the animal if everyone in the whole town
converted.  Which they did.

Ibar (5th cent.)  Ibar is an Irish saint, perhaps a missionary active
in Ireland before Patrick.  He preached in Leinster and Meath, and is
credited with founding a church on Beggery Island.

Gerard of Toul (d. 994)  Gerard was a native of Cologne who attended
the cathedral school there.  After his mother was killed by lightning
he devoted himself to religion, becoming a canon of the cathedral and
in 963 bishop of Toul.  The diocese flourished under his care.  G.
was canonized in 1050 by Leo IX.

Adalbert of Prague (d. 997)  Adalbert (Wojtech) was a noble Czech who
became bishop of Prague in 982.  He seems to have had high
expectations of converting the still largely non-Christian Bohemians,
and was so disappointed that he ran away to Italy to become a monk.
Recalled to his see, he was forced out when he took the high moral
ground on the issue of a woman being murdered who had been given
sanctuary.  A. was ordered back to Prague, but was given permission
to go and be a missionary if things didn't work out well there.  He
did indeed become a missionary, and was killed by the Prussians.

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