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F. Thomas Luongo wrote in part:

>A student of mine who is interested in issues involving vision in the
>Middle Ages came across a reference to this treatise or collection of
>exempla ...  But apart from references
>to incunabula ... she has not
>been able to locate copies of the text.
>Does anyone know whether there is available an edition of this text?

A digitized MS which includes the work is available at the Olomouc
library web site:

The treatise looks to my inexpert eye like it begins here:

Perhaps you could give the student the URL and a copy of Cappelli and
turn her loose?

(And in case anyone's not aware of Abbreviationes:

I'll pass along the URL.)

On the other hand, we have an
>ever-increasing supply of Mardi Gras beads.  If anyone is interested, we
>would happily trade beads for information.

I'm delighted to know that your institution has a proper sense of
priorities in scholarship, but I think they'd be better appreciated
if sent instead to Chris Laning for _conversio ordinis atque morum_.

I'm sending you off-list a note about a couple of articles, one of
which at 50 pages I'm thinking *might* be long enough to include the



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