I was fortunate to use one many years ago and found it a very good tool on
the condition you had some experience with it before actually applying it to
the job!

Nice little machines, which I would very much like to see in action in
archaeology more often, but you must become used to how they work.

Perhaps these days, and I am talking of over 15 years ago of having used
one, they may be much easier to handle these days.

I would not overlook the use of such a tool within the practicalities of
archaeological use with an archaeologist having had some experience of the


John Wood in the deep South.

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Subject: Using mechanical mini-excavators for archaeological excavation

> Does anyone have any experience of using mechanical mini-excavators on
> archaeological sites?  I mean, driven by archaeologists, specifically for
> archaeological purposes.
> In suitable conditions (e.g. open area sands and gravels), it should be
> possible in theory to get a good clean surface with one of these machines,
> but I just wondered whether anyone has actually tried this.
> John Wood of the Highlands