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> The book is brand new.  Many on the list are not likely to be familiar
with it and would welcome impressions or appraisals (especially
appraisals from different disciplinary, period, or geographic
perspectives).  I know I would.

i tried to find it in the stacks here but it wasn't there.

will try again tomorrow --maintenance of the Quaint and Antiquated Hard Copy
informational databases is not at all a priority for the Indiana University
Lieberrie, and there seems to be little money left over after computer
purchases for suchlike tedious activities as re-shelving books or picking them
up off the floor.

> In the interim, here's a description from the publisher (Boydell & Brewer):

Boydell is a quite decent publisher of scholarly medieval material in

however, i'm a bit leary of this particular work, based on the description.

>The dictionary contains some 3,400 terms as headwords, ranging from the legal
and ecclesiastic to the more humdrum words of daily life. 

that's a lot of words, but spread over a lot of subjects.

presumably this is going to be a more comprehensive source than Niermeyer.

and/or one more accessible than DuCange.

>In addition to definition, etymologies of many words are given, in the belief
that knowing the origin and evolution of a word gives a better understanding.

a potentially helpful feature.

>There are also examples of medieval terms and phrases still in use today, a
further aid to clarifying meaning.


CHRISTOPHER COREDON has also compiled the Dictionary of Cybernyms. 


>Dr ANN WILLIAMS, historical consultant on the project, was until her
retirement Senior Lecturer in medieval history at the Polytechnic of North

"historical *consultant*" ?

i'm hoping that these two folks are actually editors, and that the entries
themselves are a collaborative effort by area specialists?

if i can find it, i'll offer a Defiinitive Review to the list.

but, if it doesn't have a full discussion of the re-use of Iconic capitals as
Early Christian spolia, i may have to pan the thing.



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