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Andre-Yves Bourges did recommend the Roparz book to me and I tried to get hold of a copy but there doesn’t seem to be one in this country. My daughter was off to Brittany this time last year but couldn’t be persuaded to go to Ploermel!


My specific interest is this. Two surviving alabaster plaques of St Armel ( you can see one at ) depict him at prayer before a crucifix, with a fortified building and a ship in the background. I wondered whether this referred to an episode in his life which has not survived in the extant vitae and which might explain why Henry Tudor appealed to Armel for help in the shipwreck. The other depictions of Armel (that I know of) are all like the ones in Westminster Abbey, the saint standing with a dinky little dragon on a lead.


My colleague Wyn Thomas is interested in the derivation of Ploermel from plebs Armel as it has Italian parallels. Are there other Breton place names with plebs + saint’s name?


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