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> >

> I don't think it needs to be seen as a mistake. It is a simple matter to
create a strap (whether woven or from leather) that has a loop at the top
which can be folded over and through which the lower strap can be drawn to
create the sort of effect seen here. Of course, the resulting loop probably
would need to be created and then the belt rope inserted through it, rather
than drawing the entire sheath through the loop hole after the belt was
already in place (unless the sheath was very collapsible, to fit through the
strap loop, or the strap on the sheath was removable from the body of the
sheath itself, which seems to me unlikely). What do I know? 

i don't know what you don't know.

but that's a pretty complicated explanation of something which should be so
obvious --but isn't.

> > perhaps it's some sort of theological statement about Duality of the
Trinity or something.
> Ouch.

my feeling about all Trinitarian Contraversies.

> As for the valentine's day object, I thought I could imagine a stylized "P"
on it to the right of center yesterday, but the new images are not as

Dr. Rhorschach would be proud.

> And would St. Peter have been a Phillie's fan? (Would there have been a
similarly stylized "S" to the left?!)


it's not a fan.


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