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From: Rochelle Altman <[log in to unmask]>

> So, tri-lobed would be the closest technical term among art historians?


as MG says, it "vaguely resembles" a trilobed arch, but isn't.

true trilobed arches :

there are trilobed arches in Gothic architecture as well, but i don't seem to
be able to lay virtual hands on a .jpg at the moment.

what you've got there, in trilobed arch terms, is, alas, what we technically
refer to as an AlGore: Close, but No Cigar.
the "shouldered round" arch suggested by John Briggs might do, though there
might well be another name for the thing i'm not aware of.

someone with access to Sir Bannister Fletcher's wonderful resource book might
be able to come up with the true term.

>The Brooks film also has a single round arch, as does the Soupy Sales
version. ....The Sales prop has an amusing sentence in English written in
mixed pseudo Paleo-Hebraic and archaic Greek scripts.

between those fine two possibilities, i'd certainly accept Soupy Sales as
being the Definitive one.


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