medieval-religion: Scholarly discussions of medieval religion and culture  --search for "chartres", and note the bit about
the necessity of having the "plug-in" to view these .djvu files.

From: Grover Zinn <[log in to unmask]>

>Thanks so much for providing us with this link!  Magnificent Chartres
photos (and more, more, more.......)  Rich site!

yep, there definitely are a *lot* of things on that site, alright.

unfortunately, the quality of the images is very uneven and navigating the
site is somewhat of a pain.

but those Chartres glass shots are quite fantastic, made by a real _amateur_
who knows his way around both ends of a camera.

From: Marjorie Greene <[log in to unmask]>

> When I tried to download the free plug-in, I went 'round and 'round in an
endless loop. 

sorry to hear that, MG, and even more sorry that i'm not enough of a Techie
Nerd to help you out with it.

all i can say is that i had no trouble downloading the software from the
company site and installing it on my machine at home (which is not connected
to the net).

keep trying, maybe Perseverance Furthers, as the Ching says.

>But even the thumbnails are worth looking at.

the thumbnails are *nothing* compared to the detail which the .djvu files have
--we're talking about seeing the damned bubbles in the glass, there.

once they are accessible, the .djvu files can be run through any Photo program
(i like "",, because it can handle very
large files easily), then any details you want can be cropped out and

definitely worth the effort to see the full-size views.
quite stunning, they are.

btw, re the original question about the Jesse window, anyone interested in its
iconography and theological _milieu_ should consult the very excellent article

Margot Fassler, "Mary's Nativity, Fulbert of Chartres, and the Stirps Jesse.
Liturgical Innovation circa 1000 and its Afterlife", _Speculum_ 75/2, 2000,
pp. 389-434


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