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Hi Bill

Being a Use of York man, my Sarum library is slim, but
the following is from the 1502 Processional:

f.5r: (Simple procession)
Deinde est processio hoc ordine. In primis procedat
m[?]ist virgam manu gestans locum faciens processioni.
Deinde puer in superpellicio aquam benedictam
gestante.. [etc]

The 'mist' contraction has a horizontal above the m..
any guesses?

f.7v (Christmas Day, the paradigm for double festal
... sic eat processio circa claustrum hoc ordine. In
primis acriste virgas in manibus gestantes. Deinde
puer cum Aqua benedicta.. etc

Unfortunately no woodcut is provided for this
procession, but the Easter Vigil woodcut plainly shows
two virges in use, as does the one for the
Purification of the Virgin Mary.

The virge is used for 'traffic direction' during the
procession, to indicate the route to be followed and
stations to be stopped at en route.

I'm not sure what connection you're drawing with Deans
here though... as far as I know they had no liturgical
clout in the diocese.. but enlightenment is always



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