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In Bartholomaeus Anglicus' _De proprietatibus rerum_ VI.xix we are
given a charge against wicked lords, accompanied by two OT references,

Exactionibus et taliis sepe vexat; Isa. iiii: populum meum exactores
spoliaverunt, et Za. ix c et x d.

Manuscripts tend to have "Da" for "Za" but the reference seems to be
to Zacharias 9:8 and 10:4.  However, some MSS have "Za. ix c et ix d"
and this is what I am curious about.

How stable would the chapter divisions have been in the early 13th
century, so that "ix c et ix d" would be reasonable?  Given the
location Zach. 10:4, "x d" seems unlikely unless Barth. was using a
concordance (1220-1235?) and it had a scribal error.

Are there some on-line medieval Bibles for checking such things?
Finding texts with more modern ch. & verse divisions is easy, but this
requires the texts *not* to be regularized to modern citation
conventions.  Are there some on-line medieval concordances, too?

Juris G. Lidaka
Dept. of English
West Virginia State University
Institute, WV 25112-1000

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