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Not all the experts have weighed in yet on the mailing list I posted Christopher's question to, but the consensus so far is that the thing on the right is either a knife in a sheath, or one of those portable inkhorn + penner things that scribes carry.

The hanging strap with "holes", in this concept, is some sort of reinforcing or stiffening strip on the left-hand edge of the object, and the "holes" are very likely to be decorative metal studs. The short horizontal strip near the top would be the top edge of the sheath (or narrow pouch) and the rounded thing seen above that line would be the end of the knife handle (or the rounded end of the pen-case). This makes sense to me.

Everybody's baffled so far on the heart-shaped object. I didn't tell them any of the other guesses that have been made, and at least two people on the other list immediately said that it looks a lot like a fan except that it's much too small -- which was also my first thought.

There's a larger detail of just this object posted here:

Christopher (the original poster on the other mailing list) also commented:
> in this view, the elements which make up the larger object can be seen a
>bit clearer --the cord by which it hangs extends down directly into an inner
>heart-shaped something-or-other, beyond which is a beaded border, beyond which
>is the outer border, which seems to have also been articulated in some

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