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Rob Durk wrote:
> "Indeed, these 'virges' seem to have nothing to do
> with deans, but neither are their bearers said to be
> 'vergers'"
> Not in the 1502 Processional, no. The only conclusion
> possibly drawn is that Professor Sandon's text is from
> another one of the Sarum sources. Having not got a
> copy of "The Use of Sarum" handy I can't check, but I
> recall he cites his primary sources at the beginning
> of the first volume.

Actually, the 1502 Processional is the only one listed in the primary
sources of the bibliography for Volume 1 of "The Use of Salisbury" (although
there are illustrations taken from the 1519 Processional), so he may have
been relying for this on the secondary sources I gave earlier.  The latest
bibliography (in the revised edition of Volume 2) lists five
fifteenth-century MS Processionals (two in the BL, and three in the
Bodleian) as well as the printed Processionals of 1502, 1508, 1517, 1519 and
1544.  But for the fruits of that research we shall probably have to wait
for the Processional volume!

John Briggs

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