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On Wednesday, January 5, 2005 12:41 pm

> 6. January is the feast day of:

> A modern saint: John Charles Melchior from Sezze (d. 1670)  JC was an
> Italian of poor family.  He wanted to become a priest but was barely
> literate, which had become an impediment by that time.  So instead he
> became a lay brother at Naziano.  He was famous for holiness,
> simplicity, excessive asceticism, and charity, besides writing
> several mystical works.  He was canonized in 1959.

"JC"'s baptismal name is said to have been Giovan Carlo or Giancarlo but
his name in religion was simply Carlo and he's generally known in
Italian as Carlo da Sezze (Charles of Sezze).  "Melchior" is a
translation of one version of his family name ("Melchiorre"); another
version is "Marchionne".

John Dillon

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