Dear Zooarch,

I am researching a book on the non-economic uses of animals - a topic
fabulously broad and which will not doubt mean me harassing a number of you for
case studies. 

I am interested in the entire range of human-animal interactions which includes
both working animals, symbolic animals and pets etc. 

 I am also considering the more intimate side of the human animal relationship,
so I am interested in any comments or examples of the archaeology of zoophilia. 

Zoophilia is a paraphilia, defined as an affinity or sexual attraction by a
human to non-human animals. 

There are many biblical and classical references to the human/animal
relationship, many associations between humans and gods in animal forms, and a
body of data from sexual surveys e.g. Kinsey.  However does anyone have any
other information/comments they could share, and has anyone seen bestiality
offered as an interpretation for any zooarchaeological deposits?  Any references
to burials of 'guilty' animals etc.

Thanks for any help.