Special Track on “Forecasting with Artificial Neural Networks



25th International Symposium on Forecasting 2005, June 12-15, 2005

Hyatt Regency Hotel, San Antonio, Texas, USA http://www.isf2005.org



We have already received over 25 high quality submissions to the special track on forecasting with neural networks at this year’s ISF 2005.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that abstracts accepted at the ISF’05 will be invited to submit extended papers for a publication in


“Advances in Forecasting with Neural Networks”


published by Springer in the series "Studies in Computational Intelligence", to be launched shortly by Springer.

Typing instructions etc. for the post conference publication will be provided during the session in San Antonio.


Deadline extension for neural forecasting sessions: March 18th 2005


The ISF05 will offer three distinct sessions on neural forecasting, including

-          a full tutorial by Dr. H-G. Zimmermann of Siemens Research

-          a neural network forecasting competition

-          a regular research track on theory and applications of neural networks & soft computing methods for forecasting!





The 2005 International Conference for Data Mining DMIN’05 and the 2005 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence – both featuring dedicated sessions on applications in the business domain – begin right after the ISF2005.

Both are part of two Multiconferences in Las Vegas, constituting the largest gathering of researchers in Computer Science, Engineering, applied computing and information systems and only a short flight away from San Antonio often at no additional costs, as international airplane tickets allow 2 free stopovers). This offers you the unique opportunity to present you research and abstract at the ISF, publish the full IEEE style paper (7 pages) in the conference proceedings of the DMIN or ICAI and still be considered for publication in selected journals (e.g. IJF) as their policy does not consider prior conference publications.


Additional Info:




ATTEND 3 conferences in Neural Nets for Predictive Analytics in 3 weeks!

GIVE 3 presentations & PUBLISH 2 conference papers in less than 3 weeks!



Don’t miss out on this event … No other conference this year will offer this intense focus on the topic of neural forecasting!

Not to mention keynote speeches from nobel price laureates, sessions on all aspects of forecasting methods and applications and the opportunity to network!


Full call for papers & the datasets for the forecasting competition at http://www.neural-forecasting.com/conferences/isf05/isf05_cfp.htm




Important Dates


March 18th, 2005 - Abstracts due

March 31st, 2005 - Notification of acceptance

June 21-24, 2005 - 25th International Symposium on Forecasting 2005

August 2005 - Post-conference publication


Contact Information - Neural network track chair


Sven F. Crone

Lancaster University

Dept. of Management Science

Centre for Forecasting

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