'tis the moon, Stephen, & owes something to Joyce, of course.

And it remains far too cold to venture out unless one has to. I didn't 
today, so stayed in & read Marilynne Robinson's strange & beautiful 
(even to a non-believer like me) Gilead.

On 12-Jan-05, at 7:43 PM, Stephen Vincent wrote:

> Nice poem, Doug. All I can offer is virtual warm good cheer, and not 
> the
> obvious advice of 'stay well-wrapped inside.' :
>        ...above god
>> s pared fingernail
>>       hangs there
>>       tossed aside
>> indifferent
>> to all tidal twists
>> & turns below
> One question, is this "fingernail" what you can see of the sun, or the 
> line
> of the horizon??
> Stephen V
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> Where the Millennium - day by day, 1999 - keeps approaching.

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The poet is ecstatic, having dreamt of this visit for weeks.
He takes Erato’s face, dribbling and wild, between his hands

and kisses her gently as if she were a runaway teenager.

                        Diana Hartog