A big thanks to everyone who replied & congratulated, on-list and off.

Yes, Patrick, the midwife's foot did arrive (and the rest of her as 
well, fortunately), about two minutes before William did. I like to 
think I could have delivered him myself if necessary -- but I'm glad I 
didn't have to test the theory!

Add to this the fact that we live, quite literally, 100 meters away 
from the maternity ward and we felt a bit silly about not making it on 
time. But when the baby decided to arrive, he really decided to arrive.

All are well, even if his older sister & brother are (understandably) 
finding it all a bit strange.

Expect very few posts from here for the next few weeks, as poetry gives 
way to parenting ;)


On Nov 27, 2005, at 21:50, Stephen Vincent wrote:

> Such joy to hear, Knut.
> Be well with the new baby bond!
> Stephen V
>> Hope that
>> The foot
>> On pedal
>> Arrived
>> Cheers  congrats Patrick
>> Ps any old excuse not to get that snap on time!!
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>> Skagen
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>> Subject: A snapshot whose tardiness is self-explanatory
>> We are rolls
>> of warm wax
>> spinning
>> in the hull
>> of sulphur lamps,
>> shifts in the
>> cloud cover,
>> light matter
>> passing through
>> us and beneath;
>> experience etched
>> to the body
>> in muscular spots
>> where language
>> won't go.
>> The groan of my wife
>> woke the cells
>> who remembered
>> the groan;
>> silent for years
>> in the cochlear curl.
>> Not an animal
>> sound but
>> human, the way
>> so few sounds
>> are human.
>> The clench within
>> between two
>> sets of muscle:
>> one very small,
>> the other the strongest
>> ever to visit a human:
>> the long, concrete
>> squeeze of the womb
>> against a matchstick kick;
>> and at the other end
>> of the phone line
>> a midwife
>> with her foot on the pedal.
>> KM Skagen
>> Trondheim, 24/11-05