There appears to be a misconception about the CSG information Literacy,
its membership and its purpose.  

In 2003, I contacted CILIP and expressed an interest in starting an
Information Literacy specialist group. I was informed that I required
200 + expressions of interest from members of CILIP before I could make
an application.  Having canvassed librarians across sectors (via as many
lists as I could) 200 expressions of interest were collected and an
application made to CILIP.

Although supported by Sheila Corrall, CILIP refused to allow a
specialist group to be formed but it was suggested that a subgroup could
be formed within CSG. Sheila Corrall and I met with CSG to discuss
whether this would be a practical way forward.  Having consulted the 200
people who had expressed an interest and it was decided to form the CSG
IL sub group.

Sue Eggleton the list owner of lis-infoskills joined the group and as
this list was not particularly active and had few members, it was agreed
(after consultation of members of the list) that this list would become
the CSG IL group list and to change the name to lis-infoliteracy.
A committee was formed in February 2004 and includes representatives
from many sectors including Schools, Public libraries and the NHS.

The aims of the group are:

*       To provide a forum for discussion
*       To disseminate information about local, national and
international initiatives
*       To encourage the publication of articles, both nationally and
internationally, which share new ideas, initiatives and experience
*       To encourage collaboration and support across all sectors of the
*       To promote the ideal of Information Literacy in all sectors
*       To highlight and promote good practice

The group has worked closely with CILIP and this, combined with Philip
Wark  (the chair of CSG) fighting for the IL cause within CILIP council
has meant that substantial steps forward have now been made:

*       CILIP have recognised the importance of IL
*       CILIP have asked the group to move the IL agenda forward on
behalf of the CILIP membership and have just offered the group central
*       We have already started to contact other interested groups to
hopefully form partnerships that will yield a collaborative approach
towards IL
*       IL content for the January UPDATE IL edition was organised by
our group in collaboration with Elspeth Hyams the editor and had
contributions from none HE sectors
        Organised a 3 day IL conference (LILAC) to be held in April
        Group members joined other members of CILIP with a remit to
provide a definition of IL for CILIP.  This task has been completed and
the definition and further information can be found at:

I hope this clarifies the situation,  The group needs as many members
from as many sectors as possible  to help ensure that IL stays high on
everyone's agenda.  So please take the time to spread the word and to
colleagues and to join us.

Debbi Boden
Faculty Team Leader (Life Sciences)
Central Library
Imperial College London
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2AZ

Tel: 020 759 48619