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Subject: Should we junk collections?
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Please find enclosed details of an event you may find of interest=2E


As part of Museums and Galleries Month 2005  =

Debate=3A Should we junk collections=3F =

Venue=3A The Wallace Collection=2C Hertford House=2C Manchester Square=2C=
 London W1 =

Date=3A May 16=2C 2005 =

Time=3A 6=2E30pm =

Tickets=3A Standard=3A =A37 waged / =A35 concessions=2C IoI associates=3A=
 =A35 waged / =A33=2E50 concessions =

Booking=3A call 020 7269 9220 =

Andrew Burnett=2C deputy director=2C the British Museum =

Maurice Davies=2C deputy director=2C Museums Association =

James Fenton=2C poet and essayist
Anna Somers Cocks=2C general editorial director and group newspapers edi=
tor=2C Umberto Allemandi =26 Co=2E
Chair=3A Tiffany Jenkins=2C Institute of Ideas  =

What is the future for museum and gallery collections=3F For some time=2C=
 cultural institutions have been criticised for neglecting their treasur=
e troves of objects=2C instead concentrating on developing audiences=2C =
access and inclusion=2E Recently=2C however=2C there has been a renewed =
focus on questions of what we should collect and why=2E There is the fam=
iliar argument about whether museum collections need to grow=2C when so =
many works that are seldom displayed=2E But today=A2s debates about deac=
cession and acquisition seem driven less by pragmatic considerations of =
space=2C and more by political considerations relating to cultural owner=
ship=2C repatriation and social relevance=2E =

As museums reposition themselves as agents of social change=2C new crite=
ria are being developed for what should be collected=2E Communities are =
asked to donate everyday objects of local relevance as an exercise in en=
hancing community coherence=3B young people are recruited to curate exhi=
bitions of objects meaningful to their lives=3B cultural and ethic group=
s are consulted as to how certain collections are to be displayed and in=

Are we in danger of sacrificing artistic and curatorial judgement in dec=
isions about what to collect in the face of political considerations=3F =
How should we decide what we keep and collect=3F

This event is part of Museums and Galleries Month 2005=2C organised by t=
he Campaign for Museums=2E Specialist museum and gallery insurance broke=
rs Blackwall and Green are kindly sponsoring the drinks for the evening=2E=

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