I have a program in which I use the structure

go to (101,102,103,104,105,106,107,108,109,110), index
110 stuff
109 more stuff
108 and so on

The computed GOTO used here is an obsolescent feature, but there
doesn't seem to be an obvious replacement. A CASE construct isn't
suitable, because there is no jump out at the end of each block --
execution falls through to the next block, as in C, so if (say)
index=9, the blocks of code labelled 108, 107 etc are to be executed
as well as the block labelled 109. Each block is quite large, so
repeating them is not sensible. I could get the same result using the

select case (index)
  goto 110
  goto 109
end select

but that is horribly clumsy. Arranging the blocks in the reverse order
and testing index after each one is a bit better but still relatively

Is there a neat way to do what I want without using the computed GOTO?
Could it be that (horrors) the computed GOTO has some uses after all?

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