Dear all,

I have a database of demographic and lifestyle data, bought in from a 
third party, that I am trying to match to a consumer database. I am 
currently using postcode, surname, initial and title (and subsets of 
these) to match the 2 datasets. I use aggregated data for consumers that 
can only be matched by postcode.

I would like to improve the number of 1-1 matches (no duplicates) I can 
make between the 2 datasets and also decrease the number of matches made 
only at postcode level.

I have full name and address available to me in both datasets, but not 
gender or date of birth. 

I have thought about Soundex codes for surnames to overcome data quality 

Can anyone suggest a method/useful references that would achieve the 
desired improvements, ideally using SAS or SQL?

Many thanks,