Careful, there Andy.  Definitions of "Archaeology" may vary (how about "the
study of past societies through their material remains"?) but one thing its
not is time dependent - so, not "remote past" but simply "past".  Here in
South Yorkshire we archaeologically excavate late 19th and early 20th
century industrial sites.  And these are not (that) remote.  They are
interesting and informative, though.....

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who gave advice on short link URL sites.

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I know this may sound like nit-picking but I'm sure archaeology is never
found as the result of a watching brief. I thought archaeology was the act
of "scientific study of the cultural remains and monuments of the remote
past" or something like that and I fear it does the "archaeological
comunity" no favours to mis-apply the term with wild abandon. Making every
hole in the ground or fragment of broken pottery into "archaeology" is not
just gross misuse of the language it's unsustainable and downright
confusing. So come on you professionals, understand your craft, let's have
less of the sloppy talk, and the arguments may become a little more
Cheers - Andrew

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