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Dear Colleagues
Here are this week's updates of the Royal College Of Nursing Research and Development Co-ordinating Centre. As usual, more information about all these entries can be found on the Notice Board of the web site <> Internet hyperlinks should now work in this e-mail, but if not, the links will work on the Notice Board section of the web site. Please forward this e-mail to other colleagues who may find it of interest. This weekly e-mail is sent directly to over 4,000 contacts, and with your help is further cascaded to many thousands more.
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RCN Research Society

1.     RCN 2005 annual international nursing research conference, 8th - 11th March 2005 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Would you like to run a fringe event?  Fringe events will be run at lunchtime and last for one hour.  Each event will be catered and there is no room hire charge. If you would like to take up this offer please contact Jenifer Caveney, email: [log in to unmask] and provide the following information: 150-200 words describing the event; an event title;  names of presenters;  audio/visual requirements;  particular requirement regarding day and date and expected number of attendees.  Please provide this information by Monday 25th October 2005 so it can be included in the draft provisional programme which will printed during November. If you are not sure what might make a suitable fringe, the fringe programme for 2004 is still available online

2.     RCN London Regional Research Society (LoRRS) meeting on Wednesday 13th October 2004 from 2 -4pm, Franklyn Room,7th floor, New Guy's House at Guy's Hospital, London (directions). Do ring the bell to be let in to the genetics centre and then reception will direct them to the room. The title will be "Genetics and Cancer Research at Guy's Hospital", and the speaker will be Janet Ball, Research Nurse and RCN Research Society Steering Group member (biography). Other speakers are to be confirmed. Please reply to Gian Gargaro, email: [log in to unmask] by 7th October 2004 for catering purposes.


Consultation Documents

3.     NICE Technology Appraisals - RCN members can help set the agenda. Do you want to inform the decisions made about the technologies available in the NHS? The RCN is a stakeholder for all the health technology appraisals and clinical guidelines issued by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) as guidance for the NHS in England and Wales. RCN members can get involved and ensure nursing perspectives are incorporated. For more information see the website or contact Caroline Rapu, Project Leader, RCN NICE portfolio, email: [log in to unmask]
Technology Appraisals being scoped. NICE is consulting on the following potential appraisal topics. This is the very first stage of the NICE process. This is a good opportunity for nursing issues to be placed at the forefront of the appraisal scope, and nurses with expertise in the clinical area are encouraged to get involved.
i) Breast cancer (locally advanced or metastatic) - gemcitabine
ii) Ovarian cancer (advanced) - gemcitabine
iii) Breast cancer (early) - docetaxel or paclitaxel
iv) Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (low grade) - rituximab
v) Lung cancer (non-small cell) - erlotinib
vi) Gallstones - cholescystectomy
vii) Haemorrhoids - stapled haemorrhoidectomy
viii) Hyperperparathyroidism - cinacalcet HCI
ix) Hypercholesterolaemia - ezetimibe
x) Pulmonary arterial hypertension - drugs

4.     RCN Discussion paper, "A model for pre-registration education". Please send comments to Fiona Smith, RCN Adviser in Children's and Young People's Nursing, email: [log in to unmask] by 1st November 2004.



5.     University of East Anglia Chair in Nursing and Midwifery Practice. The Chair will have an internationally recognised research output and a successful track record in obtaining grant income and managing research programmes. For more information see the website or contact the personnel department, e-mail: [log in to unmask] or Tel: 01603 593493, quoting reference AC552. Deadline for the receipt of applications is 15th October 2004.


Call for Tenders/Fellowships etc.

6.     Cardiff University School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies PhD Studentships 2005-8. Applications are invited for 2 postgraduate studentships funded by the University, commencing 1st January 2005.
i) Antenatal screening decision pathways for women at risk of Duchenne muscular dystrophy: a study of perceived reproductive impact of newborn screening
ii) Interagency care of people in the community with severe pressure ulcers.
 Applicants should have a good first degree (2.1 or above) in an appropriate subject. A tax-free stipend of £10k per annum is available, plus payment of full fees and a small amount for expenses.  Owing to the funding structure these awards are not open to applicants outside the EU. For more information see the web page or contact Mrs F Hurn, Tel: 029 2091 7800, Email: [log in to unmask] Deadline for the receipt of abstracts is
22nd October 2004.

7.     Department of Health National Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment call for proposals for primary and secondary research for priority areas in Health Technology Assessment.
Primary Research (Outline proposals)
04/35 Adding folate to other treatments for depression
04/36 Current practice in treating patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
04/37 Probiotics for preventing antibiotic-associated diarrhoea in hospital patients
04/39 Art therapy for patients with schizophrenia
Primary Research (Full proposals)
04/33 Frequency of follow-up for patients with intermediate grade colorectal adenomas
Secondary Research (Full proposals)
04/31 Monitoring patients with cirrhosis to detect liver cancer
04/32 Screening children for amblyopia and squint
04/34 Bone morphogenic proteins for patients with fractures or needing spinal fusion
04/38 New treatments for men with benign prostatic enlargement
For more information see the website or contact the NCCHTA commissioning manager, Tel: 023-8059 5621, quoting reference HTA12. Closing date for receipt of applications is
17th November 2004


Research Training

8.     University of Warwick and Arden Cancer Network study day, "Fertility preservation for cancer patients" on 7th December 2004 at University of Warwick, England. For more information see the website or contact Dr Steve Hicks, Tel: 024-7652 3540, email: [log in to unmask]

9.     International Observatory on End of Life Care-Research Summer School 2005 on 4th - 15th July 2005 in Lancaster, England. The purpose of the Summer School is to provide an 'advanced introduction' to social research methods relevant to end of life care.  The course is 'advanced' in the sense that you will be taught by expert researchers who will develop your knowledge of selected methodologies to a high level.  It is also an 'introduction' in that it assumes no prior knowledge of research methods in the social sciences and is aimed at those at an early stage in developing their own research. For more information, or to register your interest please visit our website or phone Sarah Raubusch, Tel: 01524-592 513.

10.  University of Kent at Canterbury Centre for Health Services Studies training programme, "Critical appraisal - a practical approach" from March - July 2005 at the Surrey Technology Centre, University of Surrey. There are 5 sessions covering a specific approach to appraising the evidence from published research. The sessions are free to NHS staff. Key dates are:
9th Mar 05, "Appraising clinical trials"; 13th Apr 05, "Appraising studies of rare diseases"; 11th May 05, "How to critically appraise surveys"; 8th Jun 05, "Appraising qualitative research"; 6th Jul 05, "Appraising a literature review".
For more information, see the website or contact
Bridget Carpenter, Tel: 01227 823681, email: [log in to unmask]



11.  SIGN (Scottish Intercollegiate Guideline Network). Our objective is to improve the quality of health care for patients in Scotland by reducing variation in practice and outcome, through the development and dissemination of national clinical guidelines containing recommendations for effective practice based on current evidence. The following guidelines are new or have been updated:
Publication of Guideline No. 78 Management of patients with stroke: Identification and management of dysphagia.
ii) Update to information on variant CJD in Guideline No. 54 Perioperative blood transfusion for elective surgery.



12.  Canadian Population Health Initiative, Canadian Institute for Health Information report, "'You say to-may-to(e), and I say to-mah-to(e)': Bridging the Communications Gap Between Researchers and Policy-Makers" [2004]. This report was developed to help researchers improve their understanding both of the policy development process and of effective knowledge exchange methods in the context of youth health issues.


Call for Papers

13.  University of Hertfordshire's Centre for Research in Primary and Community Care (CRIPACC) and Hertfordshire Primary Care Research Network Consortium (HertNet) conference, "Research for Change: a healthy outcome for primary care" from 2nd - 3rd 3 March 2005 in Hatfield, England. Abstracts are invited that address the conference title under the following six themes: Adolescent & Child Health; Cardio-vascular disease; Older People's Health; Public and Patient Involvement; Public Health; Women's Health. For more information see the website or contact Sue Hall, Research Administrator, CRIPACC, email: [log in to unmask] Deadline for the receipt of abstracts is 30th November 2004.

14.  Australian Resource Centre for Healthcare Innovations (ARCHI) toolkit seminar, "Educating the health workplace" from 16th - 17th February 2005 in Sydney, Australia. Submissions for abstracts that demonstrate innovative approaches to education and training for the health workplace are invited. For more information see the website or contact the ARCHI office, email: [log in to unmask] Closing date for the receipt of abstracts is 30th November 2004.

15.  RCN 3rd biennial joint cancer conference, "It's everybody's business! A collaborative approach to nursing developments in cancer care and other related conditions" from 29th June - 1st July 2005 in York, England. For more information, see the website or contact Vicky Langley, Conference & Events Organiser, RCN Events, 20 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0RN. Tel: 020 7647 3579, Fax: 020 7647 3411, email: [log in to unmask] Deadline for the receipt of abstracts is 10th January 2005.

16.  Department of Nursing Education, University of Witwatersrand 3rd international health conference 2005, "Clinical practice on the edge" from 3rd - 5th August 2005 in Johannesburg, South Africa. For more information see the website or contact Ursula Wandrag, email: [log in to unmask] Deadline for the receipt of abstracts is 31st January 2005.


Diary Dates

17.  University of Glamorgan Unit for Development in Intellectual Disabilities (UDID) conference, "Sexual identity and women and men with a learning disability" on 22nd November 2004 at University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, Wales. For more information see the website or contact Coral Seal, Tel: 01443-483 192, email: [log in to unmask]

18.  The Collaborative Action Research Network and RCN Practice Development study day, "Creating Person-Centred Cultures of Effectiveness" on 7th December 2004 at RCN HQ, London, England. 10.00am -4.30pm. No charge for this event.  For more information see the website or contact Jo Odetola, Tel: 020 7647 3673, email: [log in to unmask]

19.  National conference, "Rural drug and alcohol prevention - a gap in the national strategy" on 15th November 2004 in Coventry, England. The conference will look at why the dynamics of rural areas demand a modified approach to combating substance misuse, and draw on a Department of Health funded study into effective rural prevention technicques, and accessing drug treatment in rural areas. Speakers include Prof. Mark Bellis, Centre for Public Health, John Moores University, and Government Minister for Rural Affairs Alun Michael MP. Full rate £150 + VAT; reduced rate £95 + VAT (limited number of places for charities and academics). For more information contact Central Conference Consultants Ltd, Tel: 0115 916 3104, email: [log in to unmask]

20.  RCN Community Children's Nursing forum conference, "Getting it right for children and young people" on 3rd March 2005 in London, England. For more information, see the website or contact Sonia Lynch, Conference & Events Organiser, RCN Events, 20 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0RN. Tel: 020 7647 3859, Fax: 020 7647 3411, email: [log in to unmask]




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