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From: Marjorie Greene <[log in to unmask]>

> It may sound strange coming from one with a netzero account, but Yahoo is
hands down the best e-mail server. 

maybe, maybe not.

>If you attempt to open an infected file

why on earth would you do *that*?

>it won't let you and tells you exactly what virus is contained therein. 

it will, *if*, and only if, that particular virus is already in the Yahoo AV

if it's a new one, or not in that Db, then you've opened an infected file,
with all that that entails.

>I forward the mail to Yahoo and let it tell me what the virus is - if I care.

butbut, the only way you can find out is if you open it, praying that Yahoo
will catch it.

that level of curiosity has killed many a cat.

>I knew Phyllis' computer had been infected the moment I saw her first .exe

did you open it in the Yahoo account?

suggest better tipping:

1) *NEVER*, under *any* cirucmstances, open an attachment from a list --now
even .jpg files, which, i have just learned, can be infected-- unless you have
the proper, very specific, up-to-date softwhere to do it ;

b) preferably on a disposable computer, if you insist on opening it ;

USA.NET has both very effective spam filters (which i can contribute to) and a
virus-stripping feature.

i get very few spams a day --sometimes (like today) none-- usually only the
latest chance to help some nice Christian widow lady in Nigeria get the
considerable fortune her cleptocratic late husband amassed safely out of the

and, it's been quite a while since i got an email which had the notice that an
infected file had been discovered in it and (automatically) deleted.

however, thanks to MG's post, i now realise that the .exe file in Phyllis'
supposed missive arrived intact --which means that the AV program
didn't catch it.

which probably means that the Yahoo AV program wouldn't have, either, and if
you had opened it you might well have some serious regrets.

i'll try and figure out how to run that .exe file back through the
system, see if it is caught now, several daze later.

but, i won't be opening it, since i don't like dead cats.

especially if they are me.

or I.


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