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Today (24. September) is the feast day of:

Geremarus (Germer) (d. c. 658)  The noble Frank Geremarus was a
courtier in the service of Dagobert I.  When their son grew up, he
and his wife Domana decided to become monastics.  G. became a monk at
Pentale; he was made abbot but was so strict that the monks tried to
murder him, after which he gave up and went to be a hermit.  When his
son died, G. used the family inheritance to build a monastery at Flay.

Gerard of Csanad (d. 1046)  Gerard was a Venetian abbot who set out
on the overland route to the Holy Land for a pilgrimage but never
made it past Hungary.  King Stephen convinced G. to remain there, and
G. became tutor to Prince Emeric and helped institute Stephen's
Christianity-propagating plans, becoming first bishop of Csanad in
1035.  G. was martyred in the anti-Christian reaction after Stephen's

Our Lady of Walsingham.  In 1061 a Norfolk lady had a vision of the
Virgin Mary, who took her (in spirit) to Nazareth and asked her to
build a replica of Mary's house back in Norfolk.  The house was built
at Walsingham, and its fame gradually grew.  In 1150 the Augustinians
built a priory beside it, and before long it was one of the most
important pilgrimage shrines of England.  The priory was dissolved in
1538, but the shrine was refounded in 1897 and the feast reinstated
in 2000.

A modern saint: Pacifico of San Severino (d. 1721)  Carlo Divini, a
native of San Severino (Ancona), became an Observant Franciscan at
age 17 and took the name Pacifico.  He became a preacher in the area
around Forano.  But at the age of 35 P. went blind and death and
crippled.  He was transferred to the friary at San Severino and spent
the rest of his life praying and committing asceticism.  He won fame
for his holiness, prophetic powers, and ecstasies.  P. was canonized
in 1839.

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