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Today (21. September) is the feast day of:

Matthew (1st cent.)  Matthew---or Levi---or Matthew the Levite---was
a tax collector at Caphernaum when Jesus collected him.  He has
traditionally been credited as author of the first gospel (which
seems unlikely, unless he lived a *very* long time).  Legend says
that Matt preached in Judea and then further east, eventually being
martyred in either Persia or Ethiopia.

Gerulf (d. c. 746)  Gerulf was a young Flemish layman.  He was
murdered by a relative while on his way home from being confirmed.
The reason for the murder was a property dispute, but G. was
acclaimed as a martyr.

Maura of Troyes (d. c. 850)  Maura was a native of Troyes (France)
who devoted her life to ascetic practices and care of the poor.  She
was considered a miracle worker and renowned for her holiness.

Michael of Chernigov and Theodore (d. 1246)  Michael was duke of
Chernigov (Russia).  He cowardly abandoned Kiev to attacking Mongols
but repented and surrendered to Batu Khan, using the opportunity to
plead for his people.  Batu wasn't impressed.  He is said to have
ordered M. to renounce his faith and worship idols (since when did
the Mongols have "idols"?) and when M. refused he was tortured and
then killed, along with one of his nobles (Theodore).

A modern saint: Francois Jaccard (d. 1838)  FJ was a Savoyard who
became a priest in the Society of Foreign Missions and went off to
Vietnam in 1826.  He was a missionary there for 12 years, but was
eventually caught in an anti-Christian purge and garotted.

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