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Today (20. September) is the feast day of:

Eustace (d. 188?)  Suppressed as ahistorical in 1969, the cult of
Eustace was popular in the Middle Ages.  The rather extravagant
legend tells that Eustace was a Roman army officer, converted to
Christianity by the miraculous apparition of a stag with a cross
between its antlers.  He quit the army, but was recalled in a crisis
and served as a triumphant general under Trajan---but Trajan, that
ingrate, took offense when E. refused to join in the non-Christian
victory celebration.  So E. was parboiled to death inside a bronze

Vincent Madelgarius (d. 677)  Madelgaire, or Vincent Madelgarius, is
a saint of Hainault.  He married St. Waldetrudis and the couple had
four very saintly children.  In c. 643 V. became a monk at the
monastery he founded at Hautmont; he founded another monastery on his
estate at Soignies (Belgium).

A large number of modern saints: Martyrs of Korea (1839-1867)  There
were three waves of persecution in Korea, during which hundreds of
Christians were killed.  103 of them have been canonized as martyrs
(in 1984), including 2 bishops and 7 priests.

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