On 2004 Aug 3 , at 10.17, Rankin, SE (Stephen) wrote:

> I agree, a user mailing list is a standard thing to have in an open
> source
> project.

> If we are going to need external people on the list for this purpose,
> then I think it's time for a new list (starcvs) additional to the
> existing stardev, if only for the convenience of external
> contributors who may not be very interested in
> quick queries/meeting dates/poking fun at astrogrid/etc.

Very true.

The convention in many projects seems to be to have a <list> plus one
or more of <list>-patches, <list>-commits, bug-<list>.

How about [log in to unmask] as an announcement and possibly
discussion list, plus [log in to unmask] for
submission of patches from folk who don't have committer rights, and
for selected CVS commits to be forwarded to.  Having
[log in to unmask] with _everything_ forwarded there
occurs to me, but would probably be overwhelming for little gain.  I
suggest this guessing that there might be a different constituency from
those who'd want to look at Java stuff, but perhaps that's not the

In which case perhaps just {dev,[log in to unmask] would
be more generic.

If certain components started being extensively developed, they could
have their own list.  This does sound as if it would need to be set up
at RAL, if jiscmail might be too inflexible.

There isn't currently an MX record for  Should we
perhaps get that, and make the lists [log in to unmask] and so on.
No, it's probably tidier if all the lists go to a domain specific to
them.  More `brand identity' and all that....


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