Fair points,

We all know that the IFA leaves a lot to be desired...

However, what happens if an organisation is not IFA registered (as ub the case in norwich)??  BAJR is a recognised and respected organisation.  Is it really the best venue for lisiting archaeological units/contractors?? Should it not restrict itself to 'Jobs resource' and 'the digger' (which has not been issued since march?

contractors and tendering is a complicated issue, and one perhaps best left to local authorities/government.  Lets face it our professional organisation is struggling....

Christopher Cumberpatch <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
At least the BAJR does not claim to maintain standards, simply to
provide a list of contractors, unlike the IFA which claims to monitor
standards of practice in archaeology but provides no evidence of doing so.

Chris Cumberpatch

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