Dear Janis,

Try these websites to find out more about CAQDAS training - maybe the
can direct you further:

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> Hello, I have been reading the emails on the disscussion group as I
> have been doing my dissertation which compared three CAQDAS software
> programs for validity.

No offense intended, but how do you compare CAQDAS for validity?
Reliability is certainly a possibility, but validity is a theoretical
construct that cannot be failed or achieved by any type of software,
including CAQDAS.

> Having completed this, I  know have a question to ask. Does anyone
> know of any CAQDAS training companies in California or close to
> California.  I thought that I read about one in San Francisco, or
> close to it.

Don't know about that, but I do know that some CAQDAS developers will be
attending the upcoming ASA conference right in front of your door.

thomas koenig, ph.d.
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