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As I am making my first ever trip to Leeds this year I would be
grateful for
any offlist advice on the best way to get from Leeds Bradford Airport
to the
conference venue.

My recollection of postings in previous years is that Medieval Religion
members got together for a social gathering in Kalamazoo. Does anything
similar happen at Leeds?It would be very pleasant to meet other

Respondeo: I can't help you with the transport issue, but I agree that
it would be pleasant to meet other members. I live relatively close to
Leeds and would be happy to meet any members attending. Pickering is at
the heart of a rural idyll known as the North York Moors National Park.
It has a medieval church (not mine, alas; it was stolen from me in the
sixteenth century), a medieval castle with a medieval chapel, and is
close to Whitby, Rievaulx and York and many other medieval centres. If
any members would like to call on me, please be in touch, and I will
offer a welcome.

Bill (aka The Supple Doctor etc. etc.)


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