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Today (3. July) is the feast day of:

Thomas (1st cent.)  Thomas Didymus ("the twin") was one of the
apostles, most famous for his dubting incident in John 20:24-29.
Eusebius says that T. went on to Parthia, and the tradition that he
got as far as India is ancient; he is supposed to be buried at
Mylapore near Madras.  In 1972 Pope Paul VI declared T. "apostle of

Anatolius (d. c. 283)  Anatolius was an Alexandrian, well known as a
philosopher and head of the Aristotelian school there.  He moved to
Palestine and became assistant to the bishop of Caesarea; from 269
until his death he was bishop of Laodicea (Syria).

Julius and Aaron (d. c. 304)  Two of the very rare martyrs of Roman
Britain, Julius and Aaron were apparently executed at Caerlon
(Monmouthshire) during Diocletian's persecution.  Spoilsports have
pointed out that Diocletian's anti-Christian decrees weren't enforced
in Britain and doubt that these martyrdoms actually occurred.

Leo II (d. 683)  The Sicilian Leo was elected pope in January 681,
but not consecrated until August 682, which didn't leave much time
for a memorable pontificate.  L. was known as a good preacher and
musician, as well as for his care for the poor.

Basil of Novgorod (d. 1352)  Basil became archbishop of Novgorod in
1331, a time of princely disagreements and faction-fighting within
the city---so B. got plenty of opportunity to act a a mediator.  He
also expended his cathedral funds for rebuilding after two fires
devastated Novgorod.  B. finished his life by visiting
plague-stricken Pskov to comfort,  organize relief, etc.  B. himself
sickened and died shortly after his return to Novgorod.

A modern saint: Joseph Lenzel (d. 1942)  Lenzel was a priest in
Berlin, very active in helping Polish forced laborers after WWII
started, which won him the dislike of Nazi authorities.  So JL was
arrested and sent to Dachau, where he soon died of ill-usage.

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