Today (19 July), English Heritage has published the results of an important investigation into the national and international significance of the Bletchley Park site. The report, which builds on the pioneering work of the Bletchley Park Trust, its volunteers and historians,  represents the first ever attempt to assess the value of the site as a whole, the surviving fabric of the buildings there and the contribution it has made to British and world history. Key stakeholders, including the Bletchley Park Trust, Milton Keynes Council, English Heritage and English Partnerships – are working together to find a future which can respect its historical legacy and let Bletchley Park contribute to the much needed regeneration of the town in which it sits.  English Heritage is now calling on local people to contribute to this understanding by accessing the report at and email in their comments on how the site should be protected and interpreted for future generations. The report, along with the comments and opinion we hope to gather from local people and experts alike will then be fed into the Masterplan for the area which has been commissioned by English Partnerships.


We’d also welcome other comments on the approach, methodology etc. These can be emailed either to me, or to Jeremy Lake at:


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