With apologies for cross posting. I am forwarding this announcement of this on-line survey of the use of multiple languages in European cultural websites and portals (see the letter below). If you maintain a website, especially if it includes a language other than English, please take part! The deadline for replies is the 15th July.  



 Kate Fernie, ICT Adviser (EU Projects)

Museums, Libraries and Archives Council


Dear Madame /Sir!                                                                          Thursday, July 01, 2004


We kindly ask your cooperation to fill out the below questionnaire of our survey.


We make this survey to map the multilingualism of cultural websites and portals. Our intention is to learn, if these sites are available for foreign users as well, by providing translations of the contents - fully or partially - in any other languages than their original one/s. We also would like to find out, if you use any tools for information retrieval, e.g. controlled vocabularies and thesauri etc., if so, are they available in any other languages. 


The survey is being carried out in the framework of the Workgroup for multilingualism (WP3) of the MINERVA project, which started in 2002. This year the project has been extended to the participation of the new member states. The aim of MINERVA is to discuss, correlate and harmonise activities carried out in digitisation of cultural and scientific content. This is why we ask your contribution to fill out our questionnaire online by the 15th of July at the following URL address. <>



Rewarding your cooperation 

Your website

-gets publicity through the MINERVA project 

-may be accessed through the national MINERVA sites

We will inform you

-about our events on a regular basis 

-about the results of this survey.


If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask:

<mailto: [log in to unmask]>

or  <mailto: [log in to unmask]>




We are looking forward to receiving your answer




     Ms. Gabriella Szalóki                                                      Mr. Iván Rónai

Hungarian National Library              Ministry of Hungarian Cultural Heritage


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