you might want to check out OxJapi
for platform independent user interfaces (mentioned under Packages in
the Download section of Jurgen Doornik's homepage), or check out the Ox
appendices for an example of how to add an interface with C++ or Visual
Basic - but that's more involved and platform dependent.



On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 07:33, Δημήτριος Μπάγκαβος wrote:
> Hallo fellow Ox Users,
> Does anybody know if there are any commands to enhance code written
> in Ox with a graphics user interface (menus, dialogs, etc)?
> I haven't seen anything in the "Introduction to Ox" and "Ox, an
> object- oriented matrix programming language" books so I wonder
> whether it
> is supported. 
> Regards,
> Bagavos Dimitris
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