We do interpret our own scans at Frenchay and for consultants and experienced middle grades it works reasonably well. It is not without risk though and mistakes have been made: it is proving very difficult to get the neuroradiologists to provide training for new middle grades and updates for the rest of us. The process for reviewing of scans from the previous night is also inadequate. If anyone goes down this route I strongly advise you get a watertight agreement for both of these important clin gov issues. I would like to see a system of 'signing off' as competent to interpret scans - if the ED middle grade isnt signed up then the neuroradiologist has to report it - it will ensure they make an effort to provide training.
Steve Meek

mark nicol <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
When I was an SpR in Frenchay the middle grades were empowered to request
and interpret head CTs-I suggest you speak to Paul Younge/Kirsten
Jones/Jason Kendall...there

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>Subject: Re: Radiologist required?
>Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 08:27:40 +0100
>I know that in a department in Oxfordshire, Wexham Park,the Trainees do
>after a training session. Not sure if they have any formal guidelines
>though, might be worth ringing them?
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>Subject: Radiologist required?
>I know the answer is out there somewhere - but I can't find it when I want
>Does anyone have or know of any guidelines to allow ED middle grades to
>interpret CT head scans for "gross" abnormalaties ie ones that require a
>neurosurgeon. We'd really like to allow our radiologists some sleep (no
>Duncan Brooke
>Consultant Emergency Medicine
>Queen Elizabeth Hospital

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