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Today (29. May) is the feast day of:

Cyril of Caesarea (d. c. 251)  Legend tells that Cyril was a
Cappadocian boy who converted without his father's knowledge.  When
dad found out, C. was kicked out of the family home and soon
thereafter tortured for his faith (although he doesn't seem to have
died of this).

Maximinus of Trier (d. c. 349)  Maximinus became bishop of Trier in
333.  He was an important opponent of iimperially-supported Arianism,
a role that included giving a refuge to Athanasius and Paul of
Constantinople when they were exiled.

Sisinnius, Martyrius, and Alexander (d. 397)  According to legend, S,
M, and A were missionaries from Cappodocia who made there way to the
Tyrol---where they were lynched by a mob for interrupting a
non-Christian festival in the Val di Non.

Juan de Atares (d. c. 750)  Juan became a hermit in a cell in the
Aragonese Pyrenees, where he was joined by two Zaragozan brothers.
Their hermitage later became the monastery of La Peņa.

Gerald of Macon (d. 927)  Gerald was bishop of Macon (France) for
forty years.  He founded the monastery of Brou near Chartres and
spent his final years as a monk there.

William Arnaud and companions (blessed) (d. 1242)  William was a
Dominican who became inquisitor-general for southern France with
orders to suppress Cathars.  While staying at Avignonet the castle
bailiff arranged to have WA and his companions massacred.  Their cult
was confirmed in 1866.

Gerardesca (blessed) (d. c. 1260)  Gerardesca was a Pisan noblewoman.
She married, but convinced her husband that he ought to go off and
become a Camaldolese monk.  G. became a recluse in a hut outside of
the monastery gate.  Her cult was confirmed in 1856.

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