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John Dillon <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>Another locale where this sort of construction is common is Norwich 

i've never been there, but the first time i saw this "chert" construction was
in England --somewhere in Kent, probably.

it will be common enough in any region where good building stone is hard to
come by.  (come to think of it, if the Eyetalians had any sense they would
have used it instead of that *granite* in that church you turned us on to the
other day.  just the idea of working granite into ashlar blocks makes my hands
sore as hell.)

>Perhaps someone who's familiar with Norridge records and local history could
say whether churches there are are known to have been so plastered.  

i suspect that they would have been *stuccoed* on the outside, to preserve the
mortar/cement (whatever it is) from eroding away in driving rains.

not much in the way of driving rains in the Beauce, certainly not compared to

whether or not that stucco would have been finished out with a finer coat of
plaster suitable for painting, that's another question.


"What about the older ones [Indians] ?"

"Well, we can't seem to cure them of the idea that our Everyday Life is only
an Illusion, behind which is the Reality of Dreams" 

--Werner Herzog's "Fitzcarraldo"

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