medieval-religion: Scholarly discussions of medieval religion and culture

>     MEDIEVAL (aka. "Mid-evil")
>     The Early Christians used carved ivory plagues as devotional
> objects.
>     Early Christian churches had long-drawn naives going toward the
> altar.
>     Early Christian paintings often show Christ with bear feet.
>     Byzantine artists made mosaics of pieces from the Bible.
>     The clergy were the only people fluid in Latin.
>     Medieval monasteries were self-centered units in which monks
> could
>     subside.
>     During the Migration Period, artifacts travelled the world.
>     The Barbarian Migration period shows many good examples of
> animals
>     in art,
>     such as the Vikings.
>     The prow of the Oseburg ship is in the form of a fierce dragon
> with
>     a long
>     snot.
>     A frequently rendered scene is the Crucifixation.
>     The Celtics produced beautiful manuscripts, such as the Book of
>     Linda's Farm
>     and the Boob of Kells.
>     St. Mark is represented by a winged loin.


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