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> If it were part of my remit, I should point out that the Latin is,
> "agnoscens Hostiam, cuius voluisti immolatione placari" - more
> literally, "recognising the Victim, by whose sacrifice you have willed
> to be placated."

Do you know when this was phrase became a part of the Latin Mass?  I ask
because it seems imbued with the Atonement theology which Anselm brought to
centre stage in the 11th century and which has really held the field in
soteriology ever since in the West. Atonement theology is unknown in Eastern
Christendom and it arouses negative reactions among the Orthodox when they
encounter it.   So it is very interesting if this phrase belongs to a period
*before* the Great Schism 'when we were one' or does it makes it first
appearance in the post-Anselmian period?

Fr Ambrose

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