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Today (17. May) is the feast day of:

Maden (Madron) (d. c. 545)  Maden was a native of Cornwall who became
a hermit first there and then in Brittany.  Madron, Cornwall has a
chapel complete with holy well on the site of his hermitage; it still
draws pilgrims.

Cathan (6th or 7th cent.)  It's not clear whether this is one person
or two.  Cathan is supposed to have been a bishop on the Isle of Bute
(Scotland) and is buried at Kingarth or Tamlacht (near Derry,

Rasso (Ratho) (d. 953)  Rasso was count of Andechs (Bavaria).  He was
an impressive warrior against the Magyars, but in middle age he
retired to make a pilgrimage to both the Holy Land and Rome, and on
his return founded and entered the monastery of Worth (now Grafrath).

Bruno of Wurzburg (d. 1045)  Bruno was a member of the ducal family
of Carinthia; he was made bishop of Wurzburg in 1033 (at the age of
about 28).  He was a zealous founder of churches and also wrote
catechetical works.  B was killed at a banquet he was enjoying with
Emperor Henry III---a balcony fell on him.

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