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Today (27. May) is the feast day of:

Restituta and companions (d. 272)  Legend tells that Restituta was a
Roman patrician (a virgin, doubtless lovely) who fled to Sora in
Campania to escape persecution.  It didn't work; she and several
companions were martyred there.

Melangell (d. c. 590)  Melangell was a holy woman of Wales,
apparently a hermit at Pennant Melangell (Powys).  Her shrine there
has been reconstructed from fragments.

Augustine of Canterbury (d. 604)  Augustine was prior of Gregory the
Great's monastery in Rome when Greg. picked him to lead a mass
missionary effort of 40 monks to evangelize the Anglo-Saxons.  Gussie
arrived in Kent in 597 and had considerable success, although his
efforts were marred by his failure to establish a relationship with
the British Christian leadership already there.  Gus and Gregory are
venerated together as the "apostles of the English"---a very
Romanocentric notion.

Frederick of Liege (d. 1121)  In 1119 the simoniac bishop of Liege
was deposed and Frederick became bishop in his place.  Everyone
except partisans of the old bishop regarded Fred. as a success---said
partisans were suspected of poisoning Fred. after he had been in
office only two years.

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