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Today (26. May) is the feast day of:

Alphaeus (1st cent.)  Alphaeus was the father of James the Less.
There are legends about his later life as a Christian, but they're
apparently all later wishful thinking.

Quadratus the Apologist (2nd cent.)  Quadratus is the first known
author of an apologia for Christianity.  His treatise was addressed
to Emperor Hadrian in c. 124.

Eleutherius (d. 189)  Eleutherius was a Greek deacon in Rome, who
became bishop in c. 174.  Almost nothing is known about him, and his
cult was suppressed in 1969.

Dyfan (2nd cent.?)  A late legend tells that Pope Eleutherius sent
Dyfan to Britain as a missionary, at the request of King Lucius (who
is fictional).  There IS a place called Merthyr Dyfan near Cardiff,
which suggests there was a historic St. Dyfan to whom this legend was
later added.

Oduvald (d. 698)  Oduvald was a Scottish noble who became a monk at
Melrose and in time was abbot.

Guinizo (d. c. 1050)  Guinizo was a Spaniard who became a monk at
Montecassino, and then was a hermit nearby after the monastery was
raided and largely destroyed.

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